Illegal Drugs

drug-free-for-lifeIllegal drugs are bad for any society inasmuch as they harm not only those who use them, but also everyone else they have regular contact with. Illegal drugs are also fuelling a trade known for incredible violence all over the world. They are something Britain takes very seriously.

In Essex, we have our fair share of individuals suffering from addiction to some sort of illegal drug. Moreover, drug abuse can strike any community without discrimination, drawing into its net everyone from the teenage students to middle-class businesspersons. Fortunately, there is help available to anyone addicted to illegal drugs.

Our mission is to assist drug users in locating and accessing that help. We act as a central clearinghouse, if you will, providing drug treatment through private clinics, charitable organisations, support groups and so on. Moreover, all of the services we offer are free and completely confidential. All we need to get started is a call from you.

The Truth about Addiction


There are plenty of misconceptions regarding illegal drug and addiction. The first is that it is easy to practice self-control when you first start taking illegal drugs. The truth is it’s not. Illegal drugs overwhelm the senses to the extent that it is very easy to lose self-control after just a couple of uses.

Let’s face it; no drug addict specifically sets out to become hooked on cocaine, heroin, or some other substance. Their addictions started with just one hit or snort – usually at the prodding of a friend or relative. That single hit or snort became a second, then a third, and on into a full-blown addiction. The truth is that addicts are made over a length of time in which drugs are persistently used.

Here are a few more of the common myths related to illegal drugs:

  • They are Harmless – The future drug addict might resist the first time he or she is invited to take a hit. Yet the person offering persists, telling the individual that drugs are harmless. The fact of the matter is that illegal drugs cause some measure of harm every time they are taken. That’s one of the reasons they have been made illegal.

  • They are Cheap – It might be true that one pill or line is relatively cheap compared to other things you buy regularly. However, the price of addiction quickly adds up to a financial nightmare. Just about every drug addict destroys his or her personal finances chasing their addiction.

  • They Do not Affect Anyone Else – The biggest illegal drugs myth around is one that says using them does not harm anyone but the individual taking them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every day we are first-hand witnesses to the distractive nature of illegal drugs on individual users, their families and friends, and their communities.

Nothing good can come out of using illegal drugs. They are simply bad news no matter how you choose to look at it. Moreover, continuing to live in a state of denial regarding your own use is only increasing the chances of an eventual disaster. Stop kidding yourself about illegal drugs. If you are taking them, get the help you need to stop.

Types of Illegal Drugs


The options available for treating someone addicted to illegal drugs depend largely on the particular drugs being used. And trust us when we say there are lots of them. Illegal drugs can be broken down into a number of categories:

  • Opioids – In the UK, most opioids are class A or B drugs. They include things like heroin and opium. These are especially dangerous drugs because of their highly addictive nature and the physical damage they do. In cases where opioids are injected, dirty needles present additional risks.

  • Stimulants – The stimulant category takes its name from the direct effect the drugs have on the human body. Some of the more commonly used stimulants include cocaine, amphetamines, and methamphetamines. In some cases, addiction to stimulants can cause cardiac arrest, stroke, and seizures.

  • Cannabinoids – The two main drugs in this category are derivatives of cannabis: marijuana and hashish. Although some people do not believe cannabinoids are addictive, they can be. Prolonged use can lead to respiratory issues and mental illness.

  • Hallucinogens – Among the most frightening illegal drugs from the standpoint of the user are hallucinogens. These are drugs like LSD and mescaline, taken because they cause an altered state of perception that result in both visual and audio hallucinations.

Of special concern in England right now is a perceived rise in the use of club drugs. These types of drugs, of which ecstasy is one, are especially dangerous because it is difficult to know exactly what is in them. Club drugs are gaining ground in terms of popularity because they are extremely cheap to manufacture and purchase.

Typical Treatments


Treatment for an addiction to illegal drugs begins with the detox process. Detox allows the body of the addict to naturally cleanse itself by forcing abstention. Prescription medications are often given to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms while helping to ensure patient safety.

Following detox is a comprehensive rehab period that includes multiple therapies designed to deal with the psychological and emotional aspects of addiction. Remember, prolonged use of illegal drugs does not just affect the body. It also affects the mind and emotions.

Time to Get Help


The time to get help for a drug problem is right now. Whether you are in Essex or another part of England, we are here to help you. By just picking up the phone and calling our addiction helpline, you could be well on your way to receiving the treatment you need to get well.

We are standing by with caring and dedicated counsellors who know all the ins and outs of seeking drug treatment in Essex. One of our staff will be more than happy to walk you through each of the available options in your area, and then point you to those that are most suitable to your circumstances.