Alcohol Rehab Durham

If we were to ask you to write a paragraph on the two biggest problems you are facing right now, what would you write? The fact that you are visiting our website suggests you might be dealing with some sort of substance abuse or addiction problem. Maybe you have been classified as a dual diagnosis patient, or you cannot seem to control yourself when it comes to things such as gambling or drinking. All of these are subjects that Rehab Clinic has dealt with before. We provide a service which helps people suffering with addiction find the best drug and alcohol rehab in Durham for their individual needs.

Rehab Clinic provides free counselling and treatment referrals in Durham. When a client calls us for help, we conduct a comprehensive assessment followed by treatment recommendations appropriate to that person’s circumstances. We are standing by to do the same for you. We can help you whether you are struggling with drugs, alcohol, or some sort of compulsive behaviour.

Sometimes we speak with clients who believe they are beyond help. However, that is not true. No one is truly beyond help. With the right treatment and a strong support system, anyone can overcome an addiction or compulsive behaviour. That means you or your loved one as well.

Get Rid of Addiction with a Rehab in Durham

We can probably all agree that substance abuse and addictive behaviour lead to unhealthy lifestyles. Having said that, healthy living is a choice. You do not have to continue drinking; you do not have to choose to take drugs; you can choose to stop gamblingo or engaging in sexual promiscuity. Making the right choice is the first step in getting well.

A willingness to make that choice opens up a whole world of treatment possibilities. For example, we can offer the hard-core drug addict several rehab options including:

  • 4- and 12-week residential rehab programme that will not only accomplish detox, but will also teach  him/her how to avoid drug problems in the future. The individual only need to make the choice to accept and complete treatment.
  • Timed outpatient rehab with additional support from a personal counsellor.

It may be that someone tried to force you into treatment in the past, only to have that treatment end in failure. This does not mean you cannot be helped by any drug or alcohol clinic in Durham. It means that you have to willingly accept help before your life can be changed. No one can force you to get better; you must choose to do so yourself.

Choose a Rehab in Durham Today

Now that you know where you stand, here is the most important question: are you ready to make the choice to get well? If so, pick up the phone right now and act on that decision. Call Rehab Clinic so we can connect you with a rehab in Durham. The sooner we speak with you, the sooner you will be on your way. We actually work with providers of rehab in the UK, so you can also ask us about other regions as well.

Rehab Clinic is not a treatment provider. Rather, we are an advice and referral service connecting our clients with residential rehab centres, NHS services, professional counsellors, local support groups and more. Our advice is based on a comprehensive assessment of each client’s situation, with the goal of recommending the most appropriate treatment most likely to achieve permanent success.