Alcohol Rehab Essex

To the north-east of London is your home county of Essex. It is a place that offers many positives covering everything from economic opportunities to leisure activities. However, if you are someone struggling with addiction or compulsive behaviour, it is likely you are unable to enjoy everything Essex has to offer. It is time to change that, and we are here to do it: drug and alcohol rehab in Essex.

All across Essex there are rehab clinics, support groups and others offering the very services you need to bring an end to your problems. The hardest part might be finding something that is appropriate for you. That is where Rehab Clinic comes in. We specialise in helping those in need connect with the organisation providing the best treatments. We help scores of people every single month.

To us, there is no greater accomplishment than to see one of our clients successfully complete a treatment programme. The service providers we work with offer treatments for compulsive behaviours (i.e. gambling and sex), dual diagnosis scenarios, alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription medications. No addiction or compulsion is so serious that it cannot be treated by one of our partners.

Public or Private Rehab in Essex

When you contact Rehab Clinic, you will quickly discover there is no shortage of public and private drug and alcohol rehab in Essex. Public treatment is the domain of the NHS and a select group of charities and support groups. Private treatment is offered through residential clinics and professional counsellors. What is right for you depends on your individual circumstances.

We typically recommend that those with the most serious problems attend residential rehab at a private clinic. This type of care does cost, but many of our clients are surprised to find out how affordable it is. Those with private medical insurance are equally surprised to find out treatment is usually covered.

Rehab Clinic knows that private, residential treatment is not the best choice for everyone. That’s okay. We have a full list of treatment programmes and clinics that can be accessed free of charge. For example, someone struggling with alcohol might receive a prescription medication from the NHS to control cravings, supplemented by regular participation in a 12-step programme. Whatever works for you also works for us.

Finding Addiction Help in Essex

As you near the end of this page, it is clear that you are interested enough to learn more about addiction and compulsive behaviour. Therefore, here is one more thing you need to know: if you are suffering from any sort of substance abuse, addiction, or compulsion issue, you need help to conquer it. These are issues that do not go away by themselves. Furthermore, they only get worse as time marches on. You need help as soon as possible.

If you are looking for help for a loved one rather than yourself, the same truth applies. Ignoring the problem your loved one has will not help him or her get any better. You need to do what you can to encourage that individual to willingly accept treatment. In the meantime, please contact us for advice that will help you cope via a trustworthy provider of rehab in the UK.