What to Bring to Rehab

As you prepare to travel to our residential rehab facility, there is no need to spend a lot of time packing. In fact, we encourage our clients to travel lightly. All you will need is enough clothing to last an equivalent to an entire seven-day holiday. There are laundry facilities available to all clients.

As for everything else, we have it covered. Part of the fee you pay for treatment goes to providing for your daily needs. For example, our clinic provides your meals. You may be asked to participate in preparing, serving, and cleaning up, but we provide the food itself. Should you need anything else, clients do have access to shopping opportunities.

How Accommodating Is Rehab?

We do ask clients to refrain from bringing a large number of personal effects from home, as these things can be distracting in some cases. If there is anything you would like to bring with you that you are not sure of, just ask the addiction recovery counsellor you speak with on the phone. He or she will be able answer all of your questions. Please be aware that we do have specific policies governing mobile phones, computers, and other electronic gadgets that give clients access to the outside world.

Please also inform our counsellor if you have any special needs that will require attention during your stay. Our goal is to provide not only successful rehab, but also to do so in a way that is accommodating to any special needs you might have. We will do our best to meet those needs when feasible.

Our primary mission is to provide the treatment needed to recover from alcohol or drug addiction. To that end, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to attend one of our residential treatment programmes. As long as you have enough clothing to last for a week, you need nothing else when you arrive at our facility.