What We Treat

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) named Britain the addiction capital of Europe back in 2013. At the top of the list of addictive substances, according to the CSJ, are alcohol and what are known as ‘legal highs’. The unfortunate truth is that more and more Britons are turning to alcohol, substances, and various sorts of individual behaviours as a means of coping with life. In Essex and England in general, the problem is widespread.Rehab

The good news is that we can treat just about any addictive behaviour thanks to our partnership with the best addiction clinics throughout Essex and the rest of England. We can offer you help with:

  • alcohol abuse

  • illegal drugs

  • prescription drugs

  • depression and dual diagnosis

  • compulsive behaviours and addictions.

When you get in touch with one of our addiction recovery specialists, we will assess your circumstances in order to determine the wisest form of treatment. We will then assist you in arranging that treatment for the earliest possible admission. If you are struggling with any sort of addictive behaviour at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Alcohol Abuse

The most commonly abused substance by far in England is alcohol. Easy access and the social acceptance of drinking are two primary factors contributing to the problem. We offer help to anyone who is suffering from alcohol abuse or addiction.

Alcohol abuse is defined clinically as a condition under which the user drinks far too much, far too often. Please understand that it is possible to be an abuser without being an addict (alcoholic). For example, someone who drinks heavily every single weekend but barely touches alcohol during the week would not be considered an alcoholic. However, he or she is likely an alcohol abuser.

Alcohol addiction, otherwise known as alcoholism, is a condition in which alcohol controls every aspect of the individual’s life. If you are indeed an alcoholic, you will likely recognise some of the following symptoms in your own life:

  • you drink it as you get up in the morning

  • you plan your day around alcohol consumption

  • you constantly worry where your next drink is coming from

  • you go to great lengths to make sure there’s always alcohol in the house

  • your family members and friends have confronted you about your drinking in the past

  • you find yourself lying to others regarding your alcohol consumption.

If you are an alcohol abuser who has not yet reached the level of addiction, now is the time to get help. Almost every abuser eventually becomes an alcoholic if he or she does not seek treatment. Alcohol abuse is nothing to take lightly.

Illegal Drugs

We offer treatment to those using illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, and cannabis. Among all of these, heroin and cocaine top the list in Britain. They are easy to come by and street-level prices have fallen in recent years, providing the perfect recipe for a rise in addiction rates. If you are using illegal drugs, the time to stop is right now.

Not only are illegal drugs dangerous to your health, they could also lead to legal consequences you will live to regret later on. Just as an example, it is all too common for drug addicts to eventually run out of funds to support their habit, leaving them no other choice but to resort to crime. Is it worth it to be caught and convicted of robbery just to get high? Is it worth it to risk spending significant time in prison just for the temporary satisfaction illegal drugs offer?

We want to assist you in breaking free from using illegal drugs. We can do just that if you are willing to call our addiction helpline.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug abuse and addiction is becoming more common because people mistakenly believe it is safer. However, make no mistake – it is not. Any drug addiction is harmful physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. There is no ‘safe’ drug addiction.

Unfortunately, some prescription drug abusers and addicts started out taking their medications as treatment for a legitimate physical condition. Nevertheless, for whatever reason, they ended up becoming addicted to those drugs and continued to take them long after their treatment concluded. Many do not even know they become addicted until they are in pretty deeply.

We should also mention over-the-counter (OTC) drugs here as well. There are some OTC medications that are just as powerful and addicting as prescription drugs. Sleeping pills are but one example.

Depression and Dual Diagnosis

There are times when an alcohol or drug addiction occurs simultaneously with depression or another mental illness. This is known clinically as a dual diagnosis. We are thoroughly versed in dual diagnosis scenarios, offering clients treatment through a number of clinics and other service providers in Essex and across England.

If you are suffering from a dual diagnosis issue, your treatment is a bit more challenging due to its nature. It requires professionals with experience in dual diagnosis conditions. We encourage you to let us help you find someone properly qualified to treat you.

Compulsive Behaviours and Addictions

Lastly, it is important for you to know that addiction is not confined only to drugs and alcohol. People can engage in certain types of compulsive behaviours in a way that also counts as addiction. Among the most common of these types of behaviours are gambling and sex.

It turns out that the behaviours in question trigger the chemical responses in the brain that create feelings of pleasure. If those behaviours are practiced with enough frequency, they can become addicting. That is why we believe it’s important for us to give as much attention to these behaviours as we do to drug and alcohol addiction.

Regardless of the addictive behaviour you are wrestling with, we are here to help you. We make a point of working with the best clinics in Essex, England, and throughout the UK. What’s more, our addiction recovery specialists have the experience and knowledge necessary to get you the treatment you need. Please contact us today so we can help you get on the road to recovery.


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