Will I have to share a room in rehab?

You’ll be pleased to know that we offer private accommodation at our rehab clinic in Essex. Private accommodation means you will not be sharing a room in rehab with another client. Unlike other clinics, where accommodations can be semi-private or dormitory-based, our Essex clinics are better suited to those who prefer a bit more privacy.

Each of our private rooms is comfortable and conducive to successful rehab. During your free periods, you can spend as little or as much time in the solitude of your room as you choose. However, you can also take advantage of public spaces and exercise facilities as well. We aim to make your experience the best it can be for your particular circumstances.

We do make it a point to encourage our clients to spend as much time together as they feel they can handle. We believe this is beneficial to rehab because it allows clients to build relationships that are both supportive and encouraging. The client who spends all of his or her free time in the privacy of their own room in rehab is missing the support and accountability group experiences can provide.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions about the accommodation at our Essex clinics. You might also take a few moments to view our video tour. Our clinics are wonderful places to take advantage of residential drug or alcohol rehab.