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Eata Recovery Services shows every Alcohol Rehab in Brighton. We will provide you with comprehensive information about each facility and help you make the most informed decision on what is best for your recovery.

Alcohol Rehab in Brighton

If you are thinking of taking the children out for a day of fun and enjoyment in Brighton then the Brighton Toy and Model Museum is an excellent choice. This huge museum houses an extensive collection of toys and models, and is a place that will delight children of all ages.

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Boys and girls alike will love the huge model railways and the chance to see the type of toys that mum and dad played with when they were younger. For parents, it is a great chance to be transported back to times when all they had to worry about was which toy to play with next.

image showing a man relaxing during his treatment at a Alcohol Rehab in BrightonThis wonderful museum is the perfect place to forget about problems for a while. However, for some Brighton residents, no amount of trips down memory lane can make them forget the problems they are dealing with – even for an hour or two! These people are dealing with addiction issues, and many are not even sure how to reach out and cotact a drug or alcohol rehab in Brighton.

Types of Rehab in Brighton

If addiction is blighting your life then it is time to get help. Our team is working hard in Brighton to give addicts the chance of a new beginning. We know that people in Brighton and the rest of the UK are suffering with all types of addiction;this is why we exist. Our job is to put these people in touch with the services from which they can get the help they need to beat their demons.

Addiction affects people from all walks of life and for many different reasons. The common theme is that these people are all suffering from an illness that requires treatment. You do not wake up one morning an addict, and, likewise, you do not wake up one morning cured. It is as simple as that. Addiction is something that happens over time and, for many people, they are often in the full grip of their illness before they even realise there is a problem.

Why choose

Eata Recovery Services is for people seeking an Alcohol Rehab Ran by staff who have already changed their lives. Our team have at one time been sat looking for help and since changed their lives so they understand how it feels – and with that comes great empathy and understanding of what you need, Call us today – take action and change your life

Wondering what type of rehab you can find in Brighton? Here is a small list of the general addiction treatment centres available in the area:

  • Inpatient Rehab
  • Outpatient Rehab
  • NHS Rehab
  • Luxury Rehab
  • Budget Rehab

image showing young people enjoying their sober life after successful treatment at a Alcohol Rehab in BrightonHowever, help is available and you can help yourself by contacting us today to access the information we have.

Helping You Find Alcohol Rehabs in Brighton

Every moment you wait, is another moment you have lost. Each day that goes by cannot be retrieved, so do not delay any longer. The sooner you ask for help, the sooner you can begin your journey towards recovery. Let us help to lift the weight off your shoulders. Our expert advisors will put you at ease as soon as you call and will explain the options you have.


Our job is to assess the severity of your addiction and to advise a programme of effective treatment based on your own set of circumstances. We have been doing this for a long time with huge success and we know what works. We have already helped many defeat their addiction by going through rehab in the UK.

We will not recommend the same treatment for every client – we know that everyone is different and that therefore a tailored plan is the most effective way of treating individual clients. We are aiming to help everyone find te most suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Brightong. However, until we have spoken to you, we cannot recommend a treatment option. Please call us today to get your free assessment.

Featured Alcohol Rehab in Brighton

There are many types of Alcohol Rehab available in Brighton, including inpatient, luxury, and private Alcohol Rehab.

image of a private Alcohol Rehab in Brighton
Inpatient Alcohol Rehab


image of a luxury Alcohol Rehab in Brighton
Luxury Alcohol Rehab


image of an inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Brighton
Private Alcohol Rehab


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