When is Drug Rehab Necessary?

If you are using illegal drugs or otherwise abusing prescription medication, your risk of developing a physical addiction is high. Mood-altering substances can change the way that your brain works and can affect your ability to think clearly. If you do develop an addiction then you will need professional help so that you can get your life back on track. But when is drug rehab necessary? Is there a point at which you can regain control of your life yourself?

When Does Drug Use Become a Problem?

Using illegal drugs or prescription medication does not necessarily mean you are automatically going to develop an addiction, but your risk will be higher. The problem that many people face when using drugs of any kind is coming to terms with the realisation that their use of a particular substance has crossed a line. But when does drug use become drug abuse and when does drug abuse become an addiction? Furthermore, when is drug rehab necessary? These are all questions that we will attempt to answer in this blog post.

Do You Have a Drug Problem?

It is difficult to spot the signs of drug abuse and addiction, particularly in yourself. This is very often to do with the way in which these substances affect your brain and alter your way of thinking. So, while everyone around you may be able to see that you have a problem, to you it may not be so straightforward.

You might believe that the substance you are using is the only good thing in your life. You might think that you are unable to function without it, and the very idea of having to give it up might be one that fills you with dread.

However, what you should know is that if your loved ones are expressing concern about your behaviour, and in particular, your drug use, it is likely that you do indeed have a problem. Family members are often the first to notice when something is not quite right, and they are usually in a better position to see how the substance you are using is having a negative impact on your behaviour.

It may be the case that your use of illegal or prescription drugs has increased of late; this is likely to be down to the fact that you feel as though you are not getting the relief you once did from this substance. This is a common occurrence and is known as increased tolerance.

Where a tolerance to a particular substance builds up, the relief the substance in question provides will be reduced. The answer? Increase the dose. But doing this will only cause the brain and body to adjust to the new dose, and with time this will not be enough either. It is at this point that you get caught in a cycle of abuse. But now that your body has come to depend on the substance you are abusing, you may be unable to function normally without it.

Substance abuse occurs, for example, when you take more of a prescription drug than advised to by a doctor, or if you are taking medication that was not prescribed for you. It also occurs when you use any illegal drug. But even abusing a substance does not guarantee that you will develop an addiction. Addiction usually manifests when you continue to use a substance despite knowing that it is going to cause harm to yourself or others.

Do You Need Professional Help?

As previously mentioned, coming to terms with an addiction to drugs can be tough, especially if the drug you are using has been prescribed by a doctor. Moreover, the idea of needing drug rehab can be even harder to take. Many individuals prefer to just bury their head in the sand, hoping that the issue will resolve itself if they do nothing. This will not happen. The reality is that drug addiction requires drug treatment.

If you have been wondering when drug rehab is necessary, then the simple answer is – when you are ready to get your life back on track. If you have reached the stage where you feel compelled to use drugs even though you know that this will have negative consequences, then you are addicted and in need of help. Rehab is the best way for you to put things right in your life once more.

What is Needed to Overcome Addiction?

Overcoming a drug addiction is never easy though. You must learn how to quit the drug you are abusing and then how to live without it going forward. This means being educated on the harm caused by addiction and of the benefits of giving it up.

In addition to this, you will need to learn new ways of coping with the stresses of daily life without turning to a mood-altering substance. This may prove difficult, especially if you have been self-medicating with drugs to protect yourself from painful memories or a harsh reality. Nevertheless, recovery is all about learning how to deal with stress in positive ways, and this is what rehab is for.

The first thing you need to do to get your life back under control is break the ties that drugs have over you. This means completing a detox programme that will see you quit drugs and allow your body to heal.

As your body attempts to get back to normal, it will flush out any remaining chemicals and toxins that may have built up while you were abusing drugs. This process can take a couple of weeks or more to complete, depending on the substance you were abusing and how long you were using it for.

During detox, you will more than likely experience a range of withdrawal symptoms. How severe these are will again depend on the severity of your illness and how long you have been addicted for. Underlying health issues can also influence a detox and how it progresses.

What About Rehab?

The issue of when is drug rehab necessary may be one that you have wondered about. If so, then you should be aware that rehab is almost always necessary after a programme of detoxification. It is rarely enough to detox alone without also dealing with the issues that caused the addiction in the first place.

Rehabilitation programmes are essential when it comes to improving your chances of permanent sobriety. If you deal with the physical detox and get clean and sober, then you are only halfway towards a permanent recovery. This is because without also dealing with the issues that caused your illness, there is a risk that they could trigger a return to addictive behaviour again at a later date.

If you have been struggling with the idea of having an addiction and the need for professional help, we can assess your situation to determine if you do have a problem and, if so, what type of help you might require.

You can also call us if you simply want to talk. We have a team of advisors on standby who are waiting to take your call. They have been fully trained in all types of addiction and can answer any questions that you might have. Please call today to find out more about how we can help you.

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