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Making the decision to quit drinking can be life changing. Anyone who has suffered from an alcohol addiction knows just how devastating it can be. The first step in recovery is going through the oftentimes arduous period of physical withdrawal. When a person is accustomed to drinking on a regular basis and develops a dependency, quitting drinking can produce some very serious side effects. Going to an alcohol detox clinic can help significantly in the withdrawal process. Having support through detox has shown to help prevent relapse and can lead to greater success in recovery.

What are the Benefits of Going to an Alcohol Detox Clinic?

Overcoming an addiction to alcohol alone can feel next to impossible. Not only can physical withdrawal cause extreme discomfort, but can be dangerous as well. For people with serious addictions to alcohol, abruptly quitting drinking can be life-threatening. Getting professional help at an alcohol detox clinic ensures the safety of patients who face threatening withdrawal symptoms.

It’s estimated that between 3-5 percent of people overcoming an addiction to alcohol will experience dangerous symptoms of withdrawal. Known as delirium tremens (DTs), these symptoms may not start for up to two days after a person has been detoxing. In cases such as these, it is vital that a person is supervised by medical professionals in the event that an emergency arises.

While not everyone will face alcohol withdrawal symptoms that are life threatening, the majority of people going through detox will experience extremely strong urges to drink. Going to an alcohol detox clinic ensures that an individual is given both the medical and psychological support they need to overcome these urges when they arise. Getting professional help through the detox process can significantly reduce a person’s likelihood of relapse.

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If someone you care about is exhibiting signs of addiction – whether it’s excessive marijuana use, long-term dependency on pharmaceuticals, binge drinking of alcohol or even financially damaging levels of gambling – contact us for immediate rehabilitation help.

What are the Different Alcohol Detox Clinic Options?

Making the decision to go to an alcohol detox clinic to get help with an alcohol addiction is one of the best choices a person in this situation can make. Receiving support through detox is the best way a person can begin their recovery journey.

Alcohol addiction can be overcome, but no two people respond to treatment the same. It is vital that before a person decides on an alcohol detox clinic that they determine the type of clinic that best suits their individual needs. Some people will need 24-hour medical assistance through the entire alcohol withdrawal, while others won’t require as much structure during the detox process.

Inpatient Alcohol Detox

An inpatient alcohol detox clinic is best suited for those with moderate to severe cases of addiction. An inpatient clinic offers full-time supervision for the duration of an individual’s detox. This is excellent for people who need structure and a strong support system while going through withdrawal.

An inpatient setting removes a person from their immediate environment, which can be extremely beneficial in avoiding relapse. When a person can’t go to the liquor store or bar when cravings start, it’s much more difficult to drink when staying at a detox clinic no matter how intense the urge may be.

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Another benefit of inpatient detox is the 24-hour access to emergency medical care if needed. For those with severe cases of alcohol addiction that run the risk of experiencing a life-threatening withdrawal, going to an inpatient detox clinic ensures their safety throughout the entire process. There are emergency medical professionals standing by at all times a person is at the detox facility.

Outpatient Alcohol Detox

Not everyone facing an addiction to alcohol needs to stay at an inpatient clinic. Outpatient alcohol detox offers a structured opportunity to overcome physical withdrawal without staying at the treatment facility. Outpatient detox takes place at regularly scheduled times throughout the withdrawal period at a treatment clinic. A person returns home each night and continues the detox process on their own. Outpatient detox programmes are typically 5-7 days.

Outpatient detox is best for those with mild to fairly moderate alcohol addictions that won’t face dangerous or life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. People that won’t require 24-hour supervision or a highly-structured setting will most benefit from this type of detox programme. People in an outpatient detox programme can also receive the support of friends and family through the detox process, which is something that can be extremely beneficial to those who have close friends and family members.

An outpatient alcohol detox clinic is also advantageous to professionals, students, and people with family responsibilities. They are able to take care of their prior obligations and get the help they need without much disruption to their schedule. Outpatient detox allows for much more freedom during treatment. Because of this however, the risk of relapse is greater if a person doesn’t have the positive social support they need.

What Happens at an Alcohol Detox Clinic?

When a person first arrives to the detox clinic, they will go through the intake process. During this time, rehab staff members will ask various questions into the nature of a person’s addiction. How long, how much, and how often they drink will determine their personal detox treatment plan. Any other mental or physical limitations will also be discussed at this time to ensure each patient receives the best treatment for their individual needs.

After intake, a person will complete a thorough physical exam. It is important that all medical conditions are addressed before a person begins the detox process. This is required not only to ensure a person’s safety, but to determine if there is anything medical personal need to be aware of when monitoring a person during withdrawal.

The detox process can last anywhere from a couple days up to a couple weeks depending on the nature of a person’s addiction. A person’s overall health will also determine the length they experience the withdrawal process. The less healthy a person is, the longer they can expect to detox. Depending on the severity of a person’s symptoms, they will be offered medical-assistance during detox to help ease symptoms and to ensure their safety.

What Is a Medically-Assisted Detox at a Clinic Like?

For people experiencing a detox that threatens their life, or if symptoms are extreme, a medically-assisted detox will take place. There are certain medications that help ease the symptoms of withdrawal, as well as stabilize patients during the detox process. Seizure and heart failure are two very serious side-effects of alcohol withdrawal that can be avoided when a person receives a medically-assisted detox. Some patients may be offered medication to help with the anxiety associated with alcohol withdrawal as well.

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If someone you care about is exhibiting signs of addiction – whether it’s excessive marijuana use, long-term dependency on pharmaceuticals, binge drinking of alcohol or even financially damaging levels of gambling – contact us for immediate rehabilitation help.

Getting Treatment after Alcohol Detox

It is very important that people facing an addiction understand that detox is simply the first step on the road to sustained recovery. Getting treatment after going to an alcohol detox clinic will help immensely as a person works through the psychological aspects of the addiction recovery process. Detox helps with the physical withdrawal symptoms of alcohol addiction, but does little to touch upon the psychological. Therapy and treatment are both recommended for a person to realise sustained sobriety for the long-term.

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Taking the steps to find the best treatment to fit your needs can be difficult, but nothing is as hard as remaining addicted to alcohol for another day. When you are ready to look into different alcohol detox clinic options, we are here to support you through the process. We understand how difficult addiction is, which is why we’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for anything you need in regard for addiction. Give us a call today to see how we can help you take the first step on the road to addiction recovery.

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