Our Mission

Did you know that the UK has been named the drug addiction capital of Europe by the Centre for Social Justice? It’s true. Alcohol and drug abuse and addiction now cost the UK about £36 billion annually to deal with. And unfortunately, there’s no end in sight.

In England, the problem is rather profound. Note some of the statistics offered by the Health & Social Care Information Centre:

  • the number of hospital admissions directly related to drug addiction rose 5% in 2013, to 6,549
  • the number of hospital admissions where drug addiction with a secondary issue rose 6% to more than 61,100
  • since 2003 the number of hospital admissions where drug addiction was a secondary issue has nearly doubled
  • nearly 1,500 deaths directly related to drug and alcohol abuse were recorded in England and Wales in 2012.

Any way you look at it, alcohol and drug abuse are big problems in England. The statistics mentioned above do not even consider the UK in its entirety.

So, what is our mission? Simply put, it is to do whatever we can to help end the scourge of abuse and addiction in England. We have seen first-hand how damaging substance abuse can be to individuals, their families, and society as a whole. We also know that nothing good can come from addictive behaviour; there is nothing redeeming about it whatsoever. We want to see it end.

What We Do

We fulfil our mission in a number of ways, with the result being individuals and families getting the help they need through private rehab clinics, alcohol and drug addiction charities, support groups, professional counselling organisations, and the NHS. Our mission involves three main components:

  • research
  • advice and assistance
  • follow-up.

You can benefit from our mission by getting in contact with us for any abuse or addiction-related problem. Our addiction recovery helpline is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


At last count, there were approximately 60 private rehab clinics throughout the UK. Add to that countless numbers of charitable organisations, professional organisations and NHS service providers, and it turns out there is plenty of available help throughout Essex and England. However, doing the research necessary to find the help you need is a monumental task that could take you weeks or months on your own.

We make getting treatment easier by doing all of that research for you. One of our main priorities is to continually stay abreast of who is offering what kind of help and where they are located. When you get in touch with us, we are quickly able to get you going in the right direction because we already have the data. You could be on your treatment in a matter of hours rather than weeks.

Advice and Assistance

Having all of the treatment data available would be useless if we just threw it in your lap and left it for you to decide. That amount of information can be overwhelming. So instead, the second part of our mission is to advise those who contact us as to the widest and most appropriate treatment options. The best part is, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

We believe that every person suffering from abuse or addiction deserves a bespoke treatment plan directly related to his or her individual circumstances. We help facilitate that by connecting each client with the most appropriate service providers. When further assistance is required, we can help make admission arrangements and even arrange for transportation to the chosen clinic.


The third part of our mission is to follow-up with each client who chooses to seek treatment through us. The last thing we want is to hang up the phone and never speak with you again. Rather, we want to follow-up with you and your service provider to make sure your treatment has been a success.

We have discovered that this approach benefits everyone involved. Moreover, when everyone involved is doing his or her part, the chances of long-term success are as great as they can be. Rest assured that long-term success is what we want for you and your family.

Call Us Anytime

As you can see, our primary mission is to make sure every client who calls us is able to access the treatment necessary to recover from addiction. Yet it all starts with listening. It starts with us being someone you can talk to; someone who will listen to everything you have to say before making any suggestions.

We want you to know you have nothing to be afraid of when you call our addiction recovery helpline. Our call centre staff are comprised of individual professionals who have not only the training and knowledge to help you, but also a heart of compassion as well. They do what they do because they genuinely desire for you to get well. They do what they do because they believe in the importance of addiction recovery.

If you are willing to call and speak to one of our addiction recovery specialists, we promise you the following three things:

  1. We will not lecture you about your life or circumstances.
  2. We will not pass judgment on you and your family.
  3. We will not hang up the phone until we have done everything we can to help you.

All of our services are completely confidential and free. You have absolutely nothing to lose by picking up that phone and calling our addiction recovery helpline right now. Our mission is only to help you get well. Why not take advantage of it.

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Who am I contacting?

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