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Struggling with an addiction to alcohol can ruin a person’s life if left untreated. If you feel you or someone you love has suffered at the hands of an alcohol addiction for long enough, there are several options to get the help you need. Many people find that going to a private alcohol rehab centre offers exactly what they need to overcome their addiction to alcohol. Private alcohol rehab is one of the most favoured options for overcoming an alcohol addiction.

What Are the Benefits of Private Alcohol Rehab?

When a person chooses to receive treatment at a private alcohol rehab centre, they are making the decision to get some of the best care available for treating addiction. Private rehab centres operate at profit, which means they can be more motivated to provide results that work for patients. Private rehab is typically known for providing the best treatment available for addiction recovery.

The personalised attention patients receive at a private rehab centre is excellent to support the recovery process. Because private rehab centres have smaller programme sizes, more attention can be offered to each patient. The connections formed with rehab staff and other patients at a small, private treatment centre can be especially beneficial in the recovery process.

Private rehab centres also offer patients individualised treatment plans. Everyone responds to addiction treatment differently. Rather than take a general approach to treating alcohol addiction, a private alcohol rehab centre will create a treatment plan based off a person’s individual needs.

When a person chooses private alcohol rehab, they can typically start the programme immediately. Unlike public programmes, there is no waitlist for private rehab. Timing is critical in a person’s decision to go to rehab. For those who want to get into a recovery programme immediately, private rehab is an excellent choice.

How Many Private Alcohol Rehab Centre Options Are There?

There are several private alcohol rehab centre options throughout the UK. Before making the decision on a specific rehab centre however, they must decide what type of rehab best suits their personal needs.

Inpatient Private Rehab

When a person receives inpatient treatment for addiction, they stay at the rehab centre for the length of the treatment programme. Inpatient rehab removes a person from their immediate environment and allows them to focus completely on the recovery process. Patients have a private bedroom that allows for relaxation and reflection and receive healthy meals each day, with many private rehab centres catering to special diets and nutritional needs.

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If someone you care about is exhibiting signs of addiction – whether it’s excessive marijuana use, long-term dependency on pharmaceuticals, binge drinking of alcohol or even financially damaging levels of gambling – contact us for immediate rehabilitation help.

Inpatient rehab is an intensive type of treatment that allows a person to immerse completely into their recovery programme. Most private rehab centres offer the best treatment available and offer amenities not found in public programmes. Massage, acupuncture, and other holistic treatments can be found at many private alcohol rehab centres. Many inpatient private rehab centres are similar to resorts with the atmosphere and extras they provide.

Outpatient Rehab

An outpatient private rehab offers addicts the support they need while they continue with their regular lives. A private outpatient centre is excellent for people who have family, school, or work responsibilities, but still want to get help for their problem with alcohol. The treatment and therapy a person receives at a private alcohol rehab centre will be done on variously scheduled appointments throughout each week.

Private outpatient rehab is an excellent option for those who want to keep their alcohol addiction private. Private rehab programmes often work with a patient’s schedule so they can get the help they need, while following their regular schedules. Because outpatient rehab doesn’t remove person from their immediate environment, it is best for those with a strong support system or for people who have less severe cases of alcohol addiction.

What to Expect When Going to a Private Alcohol Rehab Centre?

While each private rehab centre is different, there are basics a person can expect when getting private treatment for an alcohol addiction. Private rehab offers some of the best options to overcome addiction, in a setting beneficial to each individual patient. Following is what can be expected when going to private rehab.

Private Detox Treatments

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The first step of any alcohol rehab is detox. This is the physical withdrawal process of alcohol running its course in a person’s system. Detox typically begins 8-12 hours after a person has their last drink, and can last 24-72 hours. In critical cases of alcohol addiction, detox can last up to a week or longer.

For people with severe addictions to alcohol, detox can be life-threatening. In such instances, a medically-assisted detox will be performed. This helps patients through the often extremely uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, and stabilises their health during a dangerous detox.

Personalised Therapies

One of the most beneficial aspects of going to a private alcohol rehab centre is the therapy a person receives. Private rehab centres are known to have some of the best addiction therapists and counsellors there are. Talking to a therapist can help a person better understand their addiction, including the reasons behind it. This understanding can lead to breakthroughs in recovery.

At a private rehab centre, patients typically receive both individual and group therapy. While individual therapy is excellent for helping a person better understand and overcome the problems they face with their addiction, group therapy can help them connect with others who have shared a similar experience. The bonds formed with others at a private rehab centre often become friendships that last a lifetime.

Custom Treatment Schedules

There are several treatment modalities designed to help people with an addiction to alcohol. While at a private alcohol rehab centre, patients will be offered the treatments that best complement the nature of their addiction. Personalised treatment plans are common when going to private rehab, and the treatment a person receives will help them immensely through the recovery process.

Patients will learn how to recognize the patterns and behaviours that trigger their desire to drink, learn new ways of thinking and behaving, be given life skills that will help in the transition to a sober lifestyle, and learn ways to manage stress and anxiety. Private alcohol rehab might also include equine therapy, golf, swimming, and holistic treatments such as acupuncture, yoga, and massage.

What Should I Expect after the Private Rehab Programme?

After a person completes rehab, recovery isn’t exactly over. The days and weeks following rehab are a delicate time and need to be taken very seriously. Aftercare is an integral part of any rehab programme. When a person goes to a private alcohol rehab centre, they will usually be given an aftercare treatment plan to help them maintain their sobriety.

Aftercare typically includes continued therapy or counselling and various treatments conducive to help avoid relapse. Attending 12-step programmes like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is common, and is something that has helped countless individuals successfully stay sober after completing a treatment programme. Aftercare is designed to help a person avoid relapse and continue learning the best possible ways to stay sober and embrace their life.

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If someone you care about is exhibiting signs of addiction – whether it’s excessive marijuana use, long-term dependency on pharmaceuticals, binge drinking of alcohol or even financially damaging levels of gambling – contact us for immediate rehabilitation help.

How Much Does Treatment at a Private Rehab Centre Cost?

Private rehab is more expensive than standard recovery programmes, but there are options to fit a variety of budgets. While private rehab can be costly, there is a common misconception that most private rehab centres are unaffordable. Basic private rehab can actually cost as little as 500 pounds a week for basic private services. There are also private rehab options that cost thousands of pounds per week, depending on the services provided.

We have helped countless people find a private rehab services across the UK, and can help answer any financial questions you might have. There are some insurance companies that will pay for partial or full rehab expenses at a private centre. There are also some financing options available for those who need it. Please call us with any questions you have about paying for private alcohol rehab. We’re only a phone call away, and all calls are confidential.

Finding a Private Alcohol Rehab Centre in the UK

We are here to make sure anyone seeking help for an alcohol addiction can get the help they need. Going to a private alcohol rehab centre is one of the best options a person has to overcome their addiction and realise the sobriety they deserve. Whether you have questions about private rehab options, or are interested in learning more about the treatment process, we’re here to help in any way we can. Please call us today for a no obligation phone call to see how going to rehab can give help you take your life back.

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