Alcoholism and Genetics – What It Means for You

Alcoholism is often spoken about as something that happens due to lifestyle circumstances. For most people, this is entirely true. What we need to think about is whether there is something else. And that’s what scientists from Texas University have done. They have conducted a study into alcoholism and genetics. It is intriguing research and something that has heads turned all over the world.

So let us take a look at what they have discovered.

What Did the Study into Alcoholism and Genetics Conclude?

Their study screened a group of people who had struggled with alcohol addiction in the past. They concluded that there is some sort of genetic predisposition to alcoholism. In short, it brings up the idea that the so-called ‘addictive personality’ condition really does exist at a genetic level. This would not just assume someone is predisposed to becoming an alcoholic;it would assume they are also at risk of drug addiction, sex addiction, and any other addiction.

In theory, doctors would be able to screen people from a young age to determine if they are at risk of alcoholism. However, we do have to consider something else.

The State of the Study

Despite the fact the tabloid newspapers have jumped all over this story, scientists do acknowledge this is an extremely early study. We do not yet know, for example, how much of an influence genetics really has. There are always going to be influences from someone’s lifestyle. For example, we know that people who start drinking from a young age are more likely to become alcoholics than those who do not.

We should not yet conclude that alcoholism is a genetic condition that we can do nothing about because we can do something about it.

Screening for the Future

Should this study ring true and similar studies come to the same conclusions, we may well reach a stage at which children can be screened for this genetic defect. It would mean that people who fall into this category could be monitored closely. This would then have the benefit of being able to step in before alcoholism gets a real grip on an individual.

However, we should not expect to really see anything like this for quite a few years yet. As already mentioned, this is a study in its infancy.

Does this Change the State of Rehab?

No one who believes they have a problem should feel scared about this story. It would be easy to say that someone with this genetic condition has no way out. That is not the case. Anyone who wants to cure him or herself of an addiction can do so.

Rehabilitation centres cannot and will not change their procedures based on this study. Alcoholism is an addiction whether it is genetic or environmental. This study does not change anything. It only influences those who are dedicated to stopping alcoholism before it can start.

Overall, whether this proves true or false should not change how you react to alcoholism. If you feel as if you have a problem, you should get in touch with a rehab centre. By stopping your addiction early, you can reduce the damage it can cause.

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