Common Reasons Why People Begin to Drink Alcohol Heavily

28 June 2017

Most people in Western society drink alcohol, to some extent. Alcoholism is more common than you would think. The proble...

How to Deal with Other Mental Conditions Associated with Alcoholism

28 June 2017

Alcohol addiction is not as simple as a problem with drinking alcohol. It is a complex array of different mental condit...

Why Do Alcohol Rehab Centres Use Medication in Alcohol Recovery?

28 June 2017

Alcohol rehab centres have to deal with a range of conditions. They do not exclusively have to deal with alcoholism. It...

The Creeping Addiction – How an Addiction Can Take Hold Gradually Over Time

28 June 2017

Alcohol addiction is a type of addiction that does not manifest itself in a short period. Most people will not have a s...

Is Alcoholism an Individual Illness or a Symptom of a Wider Mental Issue?

28 June 2017

Alcoholism is often linked with mental illnesses like depression. Some people refer to alcoholics as having an ‘addict...

What Is a Harm-Reduction Approach to Alcoholism?

28 June 2017

Alcohol rehab clinics have to use a variety of treatment methods in order to offer patients the best chance of recoverin...

Should Life Training Form Part of an Alcohol Detox?

28 June 2017

Alcohol detox is one of the greatest challenges any alcoholic will ever have to face. The problem is that afterwards ev...

How to Treat Alcoholism with a Zero Tolerance Approach

28 June 2017

The zero tolerance approach to alcoholism is the complete removal of alcohol from the system. It involves making a sta...

Alcohol Abuse and the Christmas Period – A Toxic Mix

28 June 2017

So the holidays are here again and everyone is gearing up for another Christmas. This is all well and good for most of u...

Are New Legal Highs Really that Dangerous?

28 June 2017

Drugs are a serious problem in the UK, but we are not just talking as much about the likes of cocaine and marijuana any ...

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