What Alcohol Detox is Like – An Explanation

03 May 2018

The fear of detox often acts as a barrier to recovery when it comes to alcohol addiction. Many people who know that they...

What Comes after Drug Rehab?

01 May 2018

If you need help because you have developed a drug addiction, you may be wondering about all aspects of treatment, but m...

Who is Affected by Alcohol Addiction?

23 April 2018

The stereotypical alcoholic is someone who drinks all day long and prefers to drink cheap spirits from bottles wrapped i...

When is Drug Rehab Necessary?

03 April 2018

If you are using illegal drugs or otherwise abusing prescription medication, your risk of developing a physical addictio...

What is Addiction Treatment and What Does It Involve?

23 March 2018

Despite being an illness of the brain, most unaffected people see addiction as something else entirely. They see it as a...

Common Reasons Why People Begin to Drink Alcohol Heavily

28 June 2017

Most people in Western society drink alcohol, to some extent. Alcoholism is more common than you would think. The proble...

How to Deal with Other Mental Conditions Associated with Alcoholism

28 June 2017

Alcohol addiction is not as simple as a problem with drinking alcohol. It is a complex array of different mental condit...

Why Do Alcohol Rehab Centres Use Medication in Alcohol Recovery?

28 June 2017

Alcohol rehab centres have to deal with a range of conditions. They do not exclusively have to deal with alcoholism. It...

The Creeping Addiction – How an Addiction Can Take Hold Gradually Over Time

28 June 2017

Alcohol addiction is a type of addiction that does not manifest itself in a short period. Most people will not have a s...

Is Alcoholism an Individual Illness or a Symptom of a Wider Mental Issue?

28 June 2017

Alcoholism is often linked with mental illnesses like depression. Some people refer to alcoholics as having an ‘addict...

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