The Creeping Addiction – How an Addiction Can Take Hold Gradually Over Time

Alcohol addiction is a type of addiction that does not manifest itself in a short period. Most people will not have a single night of heavy drinking only to discover they are now alcoholics. It creeps over time. This gradual addiction can take hold without you knowing about it. It is why you will sometimes here of it being referred to as ‘the creeping addiction’. Part of the problem is heavy drinking is so acceptable in Western society.

Starting Out

To begin with, alcoholism starts at the same level as everyone else. You go out for the night, have a few drinks, and come home merry. This is fair enough and most people would not begrudge you a night out every so often. The issue starts when you start to want that familiar buzz more often.

You will hear about this all the time within alcohol rehab. People will begin drinking once or twice a week. It will change when you start to go out three or four nights a week. Before you know it, you are drinking at home on every night of the week. To keep getting that familiar buzz, which is ultimately what people are addicted to, you will have to keep drinking larger and larger amounts of alcohol. Agai, this is the real creeping addiction.

At this point, you are a full-blown addict who needs help in the form of drug rehab.

Dependency and Resistance

When you become dependent on alcohol, you have crossed a line. Alcohol is no longer a form of escapism it is something you need simply to go about your business. Without alcohol, you would turn into a shivering depressed wreck.

However, this is something people do not realise because they have built up such a resistance to alcohol. When someone drinks for the first time, it does not take him or her more than a couple of shandy drinks to get them feeling merry. A few years of hard drinking and even hard liquors like whiskey and vodka will struggle to make someone feel merry.

When someone becomes resistant, people assume they are simply good at holding their drink. They never assume that their bodies have become resistant to it because of the fact they are an alcoholic.

Crepping Addiction: Addiction Forever?

Once alcoholism has its tendrils firmly wrapped around you, there is no getting out of it without urgent help from rehab clinics. These professionals can help you find the root cause of your addiction. Alcohol is not the heart of an addiction. It is only the symptom of it. There are often mental traumas bubbling under the surface that have to come out before a true recovery can begin.

Recovering from alcoholism is a long and difficult journey, but it is one you have to undertake as soon as you are ready. If you continue to ignore your problems, you are going to quickly find that it gets harder and harder. The longer you wait the harder it is to get back because the cravings and withdrawal symptoms get worse.

Get help today from your local GP and they will help with pointing you in the direction of a rehab clinic that can give you the treatment you need!

We can show you all the nuances of alcohol rehab. Use their help and find out more about what rehab clinics can do for you today.

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