How to Treat Alcoholism with a Zero Tolerance Approach

image showing the possible directions for addictionThe zero tolerance approach to alcoholism is the complete removal of alcohol from the system. It involves making a stand and going through all the withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and treatments from there. Rehab clinics will often specialise in dealing with patients who have decided to go cold turkey. The following information has been provided in relation to how to treat alcoholism with zero

Examination and Going to Rehab

The process starts with a medical examination and a consultation. The fact is this is not something just anyone can do. In many cases, an addict who decided to quit cold turkey could find themselves being put at an enormous risk of dying. If the body is shocked by taking away something it has expected every day for years, it could cause it to enter a state of seizure.

If the patient is not deemed suitable, they will have to opt for a harm-reduction approach. All decisions are made in the best interests of patients.

Once this has been completed, patients will check into rehab to begin their journey on the road to alcohol recovery.

The Short-Term Support

Rehab centers understand that in the beginning getting over the fact that alcohol has gone forever will provide difficult for most patients. It is common to see people suffering from bouts of depression, shivering, and excessive amounts of sweating during this time. It can feel like a personal hell that will never end, and this is when people are most vulnerable.

Short-term support will be provided in the form of group therapy and individual therapy sessions. During these times, patients will speak about themselves and why they decided to get rid of alcohol from their lives. Talking therapies have proven to provide remarkable results for people who are going without alcohol for the first time in years.


Medications are often used to help patients deal with the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. Each person will have a prescription designed around them. They will have prescription drugs that they would not have access to on the outside. This is why it is essential nobody attempt to quit alcohol completely without the help of a dedicated rehab centre.

Training for Life

After the initial difficulties of going cold turkey have been overcome, the zero tolerance approach continues with life training. Once inpatients feel up to it, they will indulge in education and lessons teaching them how to go back into the real world and turn their lives around. They will also get the chance to enjoy a number of hobbies. Distraction techniques are crucial for helping someone beat an alcohol addiction.

Overall, the zero tolerance approach is not for everybody. It can go wrong because if the person falters in their belief in the system, they will go straight back to square one. At the same time, patients who manage to resist the cravings will find immense changes in their bodies and personal health. With the help of rehab, anyone can make all this a reality.

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