Why Do Alcohol Rehab Centres Use Medication in Alcohol Recovery?

Alcohol rehab centres have to deal with a range of conditions. They do not exclusively have to deal with alcoholism. It would be wrong to assume that every patient is a straight alcoholic with nothing else wrong. The fact of the matter is most people have a range of other mental issues contributing to their addiction. This is why you will regularly find doctors prescribing medications alongside the usual itinerary of talking therapies.

Let us look at the deeper issue of medication within the realms of alcohol recovery.

Medication Saves Lives

The most important reason why you will find medications used regularly is to save lives. Withdrawal symptoms can kill if they reach a certain level of intensity. People most at risk of death are those who have attempted to go cold turkey after years of alcoholism. In this case, medication can suppress many of the symptoms of going cold turkey and preserve the body’s processes.

Without the right medication and medical help in close proximity, going sober could threaten your life.

Dealing with Cravings and Withdrawal Symptoms

Initially, the alcoholic’s worst enemies are cravings and withdrawal symptoms. These are natural reactions caused by the body’s dependency on alcohol. It has become so adapted to taking in large quantities of alcohol that it expects alcohol. If it does not get it, it manifests its protestations in the form of cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

They can make concentrating on anything else within alcohol rehab centres almost impossible. Medication helps to counteract the negative feelings so you can concentrate on counselling and getting better.

What about Other Mental Problems?

As we alluded to in the introduction to this article, alcoholism is rarely caused by a general love of alcohol. It’s an escape mechanism used by people who have often undergone extremely traumatic changes in life. Many people have to deal with childhood trauma. If they cannot deal with it effectively, they begin to search for addictions in order to feel good about themselves.

Depression is probably the most common side effect of undergoing alcohol treatment. Trying to deal with crippling depression and an alcohol addiction at the same time is often too difficult. This is why medication is vital to help reduce the effect depression has on the body. People need to understand that this is necessary for concentration. Allowing depression to go unchecked can lead to a complete withdrawal from the recovery process.

Can You Go Without Alcohol Rehab Centres?

It is perfectly possible to live without medication. You do not have to take it unless it is going to save your life. Recovery will become more difficult, however. You need to make the right decision based on your ability to resist cravings and deal with any other problems you are experiencing. This is very much a judgement call. As part of a general recommendation, it is usually best to opt for medication.

By taking the advice of your doctors, you are giving yourself the best chance of making it out of Alcohol Rehab Centres as a sober and healthy human being again.

We understand patients wonder about the use of medication in alcohol rehab clinics. Through their expertise, you can have a better understanding of how alcohol recovery treatment methods work.

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