Drug Addiction Treatment Clinic Options in the UK

Drug addiction is unfortunately something that countless people struggle with. An addiction to drugs can happen quickly, without a person even realising what’s happened. Drug addiction affects millions of people all over the world and is an especially prominent problem throughout the UK. If not addressed, drug addiction will most often completely ruin a person’s life. Oftentimes it is only by going to a drug addiction treatment clinic that a person can truly get the help they need. Prevailing over addiction alone can be impossible. If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to drugs, going to treatment can be exactly what’s necessary to overcome your problem for good.

Signs of Drug Addiction

If you suspect you or someone you love has developed an addiction to drugs, it’s important to realise exactly what to recognise.


Physical signs of drug addiction include: a change in personal hygiene, looking dirty and unkempt, a gaunt or pale appearance, weight loss, flu or cold-like symptoms when a person isn’t sick, and track marks from hypodermic needles. Depending on the drug, extreme amounts of energy or a very lethargic, relaxed demeanour are also indications that a person is using drugs.


Addiction changes the way the brain works, to the point where a person needs drugs to feel they can function normally. Someone on drugs may express a wide-range of mental and emotional behaviours including: mood swings, depression, anxiety, paranoia, delusion, hallucinations, and more. Trouble at work or school, experiencing problems with the law, and engaging in dangerous behaviour are also signs of drug addiction.

What Are the Benefits of Drug Addiction Treatment?

Admitting to having a drug problem is a huge step in an addict’s life and is undoubtedly something to be celebrated. Getting an addict to commit to going to a drug addiction treatment clinic however, isn’t always easy. Knowing the benefits of treatment can help and addict understand why getting help is a good idea. Drug addiction treatment is designed with the addict in mind, and can only work to improve their current situation.

Addiction is a multi-faceted condition that needs to be addressed on both a physical and psychological level. Drug treatment focuses on each. From detox that helps a person overcome the physical withdrawal process, to therapy that addresses the emotional and mental components of their addiction, rehab will address all facets of person’s drug problem.

Why Attend a Drug Addiction Treatment Clinic?

Getting drug treatment will consist of various treatment modalities designed to help a person overcome their addiction and avoid relapse. While all clinics will be different in their approach to individualised treatment, the fundamentals of treatment are the same. Things to expect when attending a drug addiction treatment clinic include:

  • Detox to help through the physical withdrawal process
  • Therapy to help an individual better understand and overcome their addiction
  • Treatment designed to help overcome addiction, avoid relapse, and integrate back into life as a sober member of society
  • Aftercare to help a person maintain sobriety after treatment is over

What Are the Types of Drug Addiction Treatment?


At a residential drug addiction treatment clinic, a person will stay at the clinic for the length of their treatment programme. A residential setting provides an intensive, all-inclusive experience to help a person overcome their addiction to drugs. They sleep, eat, and receive all therapies and treatments at the clinic.

Residential treatment provides such a benefit to addicts because it removes them from the familiar environment they’re accustomed to using in. When a person tries to go about life as normal while trying to beat addiction, the temptation to use can be completely overwhelming. Residential treatment takes a person away from their “normal life” so all they have to focus on is getting well.

At a residential clinic, each patient is given individualised care. Their treatment plan is based upon their own unique situation. It also offers a safe and comfortable environment where the individual is completely supported.

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If someone you care about is exhibiting signs of addiction – whether it’s excessive marijuana use, long-term dependency on pharmaceuticals, binge drinking of alcohol or even financially damaging levels of gambling – contact us for immediate rehabilitation help.

What Am I Paying for at a Residential Drug Addiction Treatment Clinic?

It can make it easier to understand what you’re paying for when deciding on a residential treatment clinic. While each clinic is different the basics of residential treatment include:

  • Room and Board

A residential clinic involves a person staying at the centre for the length of their treatment. Part of the price of facility includes the costs necessary to maintain a comfortable space for patients while they receive treatment.

  • Meals

All meals are provided in a residential setting. Included in the cost of treatment are the carefully prepared meals a person will receive. Most clinics recognise the importance of proper nutrition for the recovering addict and will offer nutrient-rich meals that help an addict regain both their physical and mental strength.

  • Therapists/Counsellors

The therapy a person receives in an inpatient clinic is unprecedented when it comes to healing. A portion of the cost of inpatient treatment will go towards the highly-trained addiction specialists who provide both individual and group therapy throughout a patient’s stay in rehab.

  • Treatments

The treatment a person receives while they are at a residential clinic will vary. Some of these treatments call for extra supplies or equipment that cost money. Part of the cost of rehab goes towards maintaining the necessary equipment costs some treatments require.


In an outpatient clinic setting, a patient receives treatment while staying at home. An outpatient clinic offers a person the help they need to overcome addiction, while allowing them to attend to their life as normal. There are a lot of people struggling with addiction that can’t take the time away from the responsibilities of life to stay at a residential clinic.

Outpatient drug treatment consists of therapy and various treatments that take place at scheduled times throughout the week. This way, a person can still take care of family, go to work, or attend school while getting the help they need. Outpatient treatment is also an option for people who cannot afford to pay for inpatient treatment.

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Because a person stays at home and is surround by the daily routines of life, there is a greater chance of being overcome by the circumstances that might trigger relapse. A person attending an outpatient clinic must stay resolute in their determination to stay sober, as they will undoubtedly face temptation to use on a regular basis.

Outpatient treatment is best suited for those who struggle from milder cases of addiction. It is also an excellent option for someone who has completed an inpatient programme but feels they need more help.


Aftercare is just as important as treatment itself. It is an integral part of drug addiction treatment, as it is designed to help a person maintain their sobriety once rehab is over. Aftercare consists of ongoing therapies that not only help a person avoid relapse, but also help them integrate back into society.

Aftercare may include continued visits with a person’s therapist, 12-step programmes such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), holistic therapies such as yoga or Tai Chi, and anything else deemed beneficial in their continued recovery.

Everyone responds differently to drug addiction treatment. For some people, recovery will last only a few weeks. Others may take months to recover from an addiction to drugs. For many, recovery is a lifetime process. There are a variety of different aftercare services no matter what stage of recovery an addict is in.

How Much Does Addiction Treatment Cost?

Drug addiction is something that affects all kinds of people. And while many tend to shy away from the idea of going to a drug addiction treatment clinic because they think it will be too expensive, there are options to fit everyone’s budget. Not only are some inpatient treatment clinics covered by insurance, but there are many that are more affordable than you might think.

Because there are so many different types of rehab clinics, there are a multitude of price ranges a person can choose from. Some of the least expensive residential clinics will start at 500 pounds a week. Luxury residential private clinics can cost several thousand pounds depending on the services they provide.

Going to an outpatient drug addiction treatment clinic is a less expensive option to a residential programme. There are some private clinics that provide outpatient services. There are also some free services available for drug treatment through the NHS. We’re here to help you look at the different options regarding the cost of addiction treatment. There truly is an option for everyone. No one should go without treatment for an addiction because they think they can’t afford it.

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If someone you care about is exhibiting signs of addiction – whether it’s excessive marijuana use, long-term dependency on pharmaceuticals, binge drinking of alcohol or even financially damaging levels of gambling – contact us for immediate rehabilitation help.

Finding the Best Drug Addiction Treatment Clinic in the UK

The choice to get help at a drug addiction treatment clinic is one of the best things you can do if facing an addiction. We’re here to help make the process easier by assisting you every step of the way. We work with some of the best inpatient and outpatient clinics throughout London and Essex, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you find the best treatment to fit your needs. Please call us immediately if you’re ready to begin the steps towards your journey in addiction recovery.

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